View Full Version : Long Haired Rabbit grooming tips needed.

25-Apr-07, 15:29
I have gone through past posts and i cant find one related to pet grooming, especialy in long haired rabbits, I have just adopted a young lionhead rabbit, who we have called Mopatop...He is lovely and has a gorgeous coat. Now we have invested in a good quality comb/brush and i he is happy to let me groom him.What i am after is if someone could help me with a few tips about clipping rabbits at home or whether there is a grooming parlour that we could take him too, as i know it is better to keep the fur short unless showing them...Thanks in advance for your help....

25-Apr-07, 15:57
The first advice I would give you is do not keep it on shavings as they tangle in the skirt. hay or straw is best. A daily grooming is best and a lionhead shouldn't need clipped.

25-Apr-07, 16:01
This is a good site for you to join Justine http://www.createforum.com/thewarren/index.php?mforum=thewarren
you will find any help you could ever need about your rabbits

25-Apr-07, 17:43
i keep lionheads and they never need clipped. they look after themselves very well and usual brushing is once a week. i keep them in hay and they never get matted.

26-Apr-07, 10:54
we put him ina hutch with shavings for the first night and can see why you advised us to use straw.He has that now and does look better without all the shavings stuck to him.....Thanks for the site gorgiman i am sure that i will be ableto learn alot.I have spent hours on the net looking through many sites and find some alittle daft but this one looks good......Thanks all

26-Apr-07, 12:05
That site is where all the breeders and exhibitors in the UK and many from Australia get together so full of people with very sound knowledge and advice:D