View Full Version : Untimely death of our beloved pet

24-Apr-07, 11:17
last night we were knocked up at 11.45pm to our neighbour informing us that our cat had been run over by a car..It happened on cairndhuna terrace.I know there are no laws about having to stop but if i had done that i would have tried to find the owner....He will be sorely missed by us especially the children.....He has now been laid to rest and may he have a happy time where ever he is.. He would have been one next month....Good bye stitch, we will always remember you....

24-Apr-07, 12:13
Oh Justine I am so sorry to hear about Stitch and my heart goes out to you and your children.

It is awful to lose a pet under any cirumstances but awful to lose such a young wee cat this way.

Thankfully it sounds like Stitch didn't suffer and now will be running around happily in Heaven !
However, I know the gap he will leave in your lives.

My sincere sympathy to you.