View Full Version : Missing Bengal Kitten

23-Apr-07, 17:44
5 Month Old Bengal kitten missing from the Burnside area since Friday night (20th). May have wandered to the West Gills area of Scrabster.

The kitten is quite small, tabby coloured with both spotted and striped fur. Answers to the name of Sabre. Sabre's brother is missing him.

Please check any outbuildings, behind sheds, etc. as he tends to get stuck in tight places.

If you have any information, phone 01847 890471 or 07739323014, or alternatively, PM me.


25-Apr-07, 12:53
Sabre is now safe and well, back at home with his brother thankfully. He had been taken in by a family who then contacted the vet to let them know of his whereabouts.

Thanks to all who sent me messages.


25-Apr-07, 13:14
That is brilliant news!:D

So glad is safe and well and back home with his family.