View Full Version : Missing Cat

21-Apr-07, 22:38
My black and white cat Freddy has been missing now for over a week, he comes from St Magnus Rd, Thurso, he is very very friendly and also very nosey, he is 2 years old and has been micro chipped. He also has a very funny Miow.

23-Apr-07, 14:04
Sorry to hear about your cat, Edna.

That's quite a few cats missing in that part of town now.

23-Apr-07, 21:38
Thanks for that gollach.

It seems very odd why so many cats are dissapearing in this area, I will just keep ma fingers crossed that HE does come home.

24-Apr-07, 18:42
i hope that your wee cat comes home soon!!
I lost 3 of my cats when i lived in that area all within 6 months
there are always cats going missing around there!!!

24-Apr-07, 19:37
sorry to hear your cat is missing Edna, I hope he does come home soon. Don't think its anything suspicious, just a couple of very busy roads in the area (Castlegreen and Ormlie). I'm positive that my cat was hit on Ormlie Road and crawled away to the mart to die.

Anyway, fingers crossed that he is home soon