View Full Version : Seed Potatoes

21-Apr-07, 17:37
I'm not planning on growing potatoes at the moment but why should we buy over-priced seed potatoes from garden centres when we can just go down the supermarket and plant Tescos ownbrand?:confused

21-Apr-07, 17:47
I have planted seed potatoes and potatoes bought from Tesco or Lidl in the past, to be honest the ones from the supermarket cropped much better! I just plant out ones that are about egg sized and plant them on 31st March every year, by August/September they're ready for digging up. Delicious!

21-Apr-07, 18:01
what different kinds of potatoes do you plant??

we have planted, roosters, long blues, duke of yorks, and pink fir apples.
the roosters were from the butchers and had started to sprout at the bottom of the bag, so we have used them as seed potatoes.

21-Apr-07, 19:08
It works fine growing from shop potatoes, but you run the risk of introducing disease.