View Full Version : pretty in pink

20-Apr-07, 15:59

I have waited nearly 5 years for this to flower...... i chuffed to bits:lol:

20-Apr-07, 19:24
After planting my camillias I moved, neighbour did say they flowered well. Wish I could grow them here but too windy and wet.

Mother Bear
22-Apr-07, 08:28
Yes, they are beautiful. One of my favourites too. I was given one 5 yrs ago when living near Loch Lomond, bought it with me up here where it did nothing in an exposed garden. Then it was put in a pot and put in a more sheltered garden and yippee! results! I have 3 lovely flowers and another 5 buds to open. But then of course the weather has turned a bit colder this past week and the flowers have gone a bit brown at the edges, but i have still enjoyed it's beauty. Can't wait to see it next year, with the tlc it will receive throughout.