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20-Apr-07, 13:42
following on from the human cremation thread,how do you feel about burial or cremation for your pet.?Is it possible to have your pet cremated and if so where?
I've got an eleven year old collie that's getting on and dont really want to bury her in the back garden when she passes away as we dont intend staying here.I'd love to be able to cremate her and have her ashes scattered down at Scorrie here in Portree.Its one of her favourite walks:D

20-Apr-07, 14:24
The vets in thurso dealt with all the details for me when i called them out to put my old boy out of his misery back in october (he was 15yr old GSD). I have him and another dog in their pots on my bookcase, can't remember the cost but somewhere in the region of 150 i think.
They came out, put him to sleep, took him away and let me know when i could pick up the urn at the thurso surgery (about 2 weeks later i think it was).

20-Apr-07, 15:54
Thank you for that Tuggs thats a lovely idea and to have them with you must be a great comfort.
I think the longer you have your pet with you the harder the loss when they go.Mine is like my shadow and we seem to be almost telepathic,:eek:
Connie loves the beach up in Dunnet and Reisse,another favourite walk.

20-Apr-07, 22:50
My dog was killed in tragic circumstances, and I had him cremated at a cost of 160. I now have him here with me and it has been a great comfort. Come the summer, now that I'm over his death, I'll set him free at our special place.

02-May-07, 19:36
we had a st bernard that dies when he was 10 years old..The vet agreed to dispose of the body as there is some kind of law stating that you cant bury any dogs over a certain size, stupid but it would have been one hell of a hole to fit rocky......He was cremated at the vets surgery and it did not cost us as the vet was very kind.He was a very much loved pet.