View Full Version : URGENT! Help needed.

20-Apr-07, 09:35
Is there anyone willing to help hand rear a litter of pups or has a bitch that has lost her pups that would be able to foster the pups.

If anyone can help call 01955 611484 as soon as possible. Please leave a message if there's no answer.

20-Apr-07, 12:18
Neepnipper - hope you dont mind but I've mentioned this to a couple of the girls from Labrador Rescue. They have loads of contacts so its worth a try. Keep us posted on how you get on.

20-Apr-07, 13:14
Thank you. The pups actually belong to a friend of mine, I've offered to do some night shifts for her, there are 5 pups that need feeding every 2 hours, but if anyone can help please call.

21-Apr-07, 17:50
My friend would like to thank everyone for the tremendous response she's had in her appeal for help with the pups.

They are now in the capable hands of someone and hopefully will pull through ok.

21-Apr-07, 18:33
Glad you got some help,I love a happy ending:D