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18-Apr-07, 21:06
Hi guys,

Have been happily posting away for weeks now. Have visited the chatroom on about 5 or 6 occassions .

All happy events. Lovin' being part of the org.

However over the past 3 days my profile has disappeared from the members list. (though I still exist on quick links!)
Also when i log in to the chatroom I now get a black screen and no means of communicating. I know this has happened to other folk but it doesn't half make you feel unwanted!

If it was somethin, I said, then you'd have told me.:~(

What is the story?

19-Apr-07, 08:33
Karia, I think you only appear on the members list once you have made 30 posts, so don't take it personally. (Another 3 and you are there!!)

I don't use the chat room much, so can't help you on that one, sorry.

19-Apr-07, 19:31
Thanks henry20,

I now 'exist 'on the members list.... AND ,..I can see my face in mirrors again!

Still no joy with the chatroom!

Have updated my flashchat, still facing a black screen!

Reading back, sapphire had this problem last year, and it was solved...someone knows the answer!....advise..please!

21-Apr-07, 23:32
my, brilliant as ever, other half..seems to have solved the problem!
Darn it!

I so hate it when they do that!!