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14-Apr-07, 21:41

Does anyone hold obedience classes in Caithness? I've never heard of any. Our new dog is going on 18 months old but had no training to speak of before we got her. She's learned quite a lot since we got her, and is cute as a button, but sometimes it's uphill work.

Also, she's bright (though her intelligence is sometimes misapplied!) and would probably benefit from some agility training. And obviously socialising would be good for her too.


14-Apr-07, 21:52
Kanemere Dog Training and the Caithness Canine Club should be able to help. Google for their websites or use the search facility on this site. Good luck!

Mother Bear
15-Apr-07, 23:30
Unfortunately the very experienced lady that did the Kanemere Dog training has left the area. However there is another lady doing it instead, Carolyne Poulton 07845 010031. My 4mth old Border Terrier and I went for the first time today, and it was great fun! Excellent for socialising..very important! We went to the 'puppy class', but I'm not sure if that is for older 'beginners' too. I never asked what other classes they do, but I know there is more than the puppy class. It is held at Lochend, Greenland, past Castleton, but if you give Carolyne a call, sure she will be very helpful. We might see you there in future!

17-Apr-07, 08:04
Torvaig and MB,

Thanks very much for the info. I'll give Carolyn a phone when I get back from holiday, and let you know how I get on.

28-Apr-07, 15:29
how much does it cost do u know?

Mother Bear
29-Apr-07, 14:16
Classes cost 5 per hour but give Carolyne a call on the number above and she will give you more details.

02-May-07, 14:15
thanks for that info.