View Full Version : Do you own a rabbit

11-Apr-07, 14:21
Just wondered roughly how many rabbits we have in the area?

11-Apr-07, 14:24
I have loads just now, they are literally breeding like rabbits this year so I should see a few shows:D 21 adults and 25 babies

11-Apr-07, 16:49
I am expanding slowly just now.:D

11-Apr-07, 17:28
Just two right now. But hope to hear the sound of tiny feet next month.

11-Apr-07, 18:11
well when you get them I wanna see :lol:

11-Apr-07, 18:52
i have twelve adult rabbits and 6 babies at 2 weeks old, their best young age love them to bits. how old are your babies corgiman?

11-Apr-07, 19:03
1 week, 7 weeks, 2 litters @ 10 weeks and 1 @ 13 weeks. 3 litters due 29th and 1 litter due in 1 1/2 weeks

before anyone thinks this is irresponsible breeding most of these youngsters are for show and going back into my breeding plan, my excess stock mainly goes to other breeders and if any do go to pet homes it is only to people who have been very well vetted.

11-Apr-07, 20:37
thats certainly a lot! what's the most in a litter you've ever had? what breeds of rabbits do you have? i'm sure you enjoy them, when i don't have baby rabbits, i miss them so much.

11-Apr-07, 20:42
The largest litter I have had is 8, I prefer smaller litters as they get a far better start in life. I only have litters when I am going to be showing them. I have silver foxes in blue,lilac and black and chinchilla's.

11-Apr-07, 20:48
I have 6 adults and 8 babies at present

11-Apr-07, 21:04
are they all conti's?

11-Apr-07, 21:04
i know, they certainly do better, i have a litter of 6 at the moment, the largest litter i have had is 10, but the mother got so tired giving birth to them she took longer than normal - some of them got brain damage due to lack of oxygen, so my vet said, it was so sad because they were gorgeous little things

11-Apr-07, 21:07
I have watched litters of different sizes mature and it is staggering to see the difference in quality when they mature and are on the show table.

11-Apr-07, 21:48
I have one jet black rabbit who lives with his friend the guinea pig.

12-Apr-07, 23:15
no the conti has 4 babies and one of my lionheads has 3 with a conti cross so it be interesting to see what they will grow up in to!