View Full Version : Do the SNP really want FFA ?

rob murray
16-Jun-15, 14:33
Do the SNP really want FFA........................................

16-Jun-15, 17:16
Bit of a million dollar question that. The Prime Minister has said that he will listen to sensible ideas up to the end of the Scotland Bill being finished then the doors shut on asking for more.

The SNP need to move quickly to make clear, rational, costed requests before the time limit expires.

I do believe part of the problem lay in the Scottish Governments ability to implement current new powers properly so the UK Govt is reluctant to give them further powers due to their ineptitude and lack of ability to run the current finances correctly.

16-Jun-15, 21:47
well seems academic as both SNP & backbench tory amendments to insert FFA into Scotland Bill were voted down last night (15th)

17-Jun-15, 10:59
Thank goodness