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03-Apr-07, 20:50
does anyone have any ideas for stopping a dog being travel sick??

Never even got out of Thurso tonight before he threw up! :(

Not handy when you are only going as far as Dunnett Forest :confused

03-Apr-07, 21:57
Rescure remedy out of any good chemist give on wee treat 15mins.before you go out in car will relax him,for humans but well used on animals,it comes in drops or spray,spray is easier to work with,hope this helps.

04-Apr-07, 09:35
just keep persavering with it, also if you buy a good dog box like a lintran, it doesnt matter what they do as its easilly cleaned.

04-Apr-07, 16:28
I'd advise having the dog in the car as much as possible including playing with toys and feeding him in there occassionally.
Lots of short journeys with reward at the destination and remember not to feed him a couple of hours before travelling, he'll soon grow out of it.

04-Apr-07, 18:53
Have a look at this website www.petvetcare.co.uk/acatalog/dog_Travel_Sickness.html

Hope this helps!

04-Apr-07, 22:42
thanks all, will try some of the suggestions and hope he does grow out of it! first dog I have had that has been sick so came as quite a shock.

Think its down to him being brought up here from Bournemouth as a pup, must have been a stressful event for him - I'd be put off going back in a car again after that journey :roll:

05-Apr-07, 19:17
Hi, my rescue pup was also very travel sick for several months. Tried lots of things, including anxiety drops and travel sickness pills. The pills worked the best....in fact I still have a load which I bought as a job lot as I thought she would never be cured, so if you like you can have them at a discounted price.

Spend time getting the dog used to short periods in the car, doesn't have to go anywhere just sit in there for 5 minutes talking to the dog and at the end give a treat. After several days of repeating this turn on the engine, again don't go anywhere, just get the dog used to the vibrations and treat after 5 mins. Gradually increase the time spent in the car. After doing this a few times go for a very short drive, with the travel tabs I found that I could increase the length of journey without sickness. She is now happy to go by car, although she still drools a lot, but the sickness has now passed. Hope this helps.

09-Apr-07, 19:31
just back from a weekend down at the caravan in inverness. Got travel sick tabs and DAP spray from the vets before leaving and he was sick! mind you managed to get all the way to Portgower before he did throw up and it was only a wee bit easily cleaned up with a dettol wipe.

came back tonight and he was fine, never even gave him the tablets.......if he were human it would be the equivalent to the kids getting excited about going on hols and making themselves sick but being ok on the way home as not as excited :roll:

He's not bothered about getting in the car........quite happy to get in, just gets upset after being sick and then its a problem getting him back in. He should be quite used to it after this weekend, he's more or less lived in it

11-Apr-07, 13:59
does anyone have any ideas for stopping a dog being travel sick??

Never even got out of Thurso tonight before he threw up! :(

Not handy when you are only going as far as Dunnett Forest :confused
Hi there, Bach Rescue Remedy approx 5 worth a go. Herbal for humans and pets. My vet told me to use it for my cats, we had 700 miles to do. One bottle lasts for ages as you only need 4 drops via a pipette in the bottle. Really great, it restores natural balance in the body and calms the nerves. It is great for humans and pets. My vet uses it for his dogs. Hope it works for your dog. :-)