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31-Mar-07, 01:11
we have a lovely black dog, labrador/collie, very obedient, well trained, affectionate, well behaved, likes to play with his toys, pulls a bit on the lead.My man is ill and we have to go to Raigmore hospital in Inverness sometimes. we are looking for someone, or a family, who must love dogs, to look after our one, who we love very much, on these occasions. Please send me a pm and let me know how much you would charge. When we go to Raigmore it is for an overnight stay, so we would need someone to look after our dog from 8am one day till about 6pm the next day, this is every 3 weeks, and also for the occasional day maybe from 8am till 6pm.

10-Jul-07, 02:20
Still looking for a dog minder

18-Jul-07, 21:27
Hi Fran

Would like to be able to help but would first need to see whether your dog is ok with ours. We have a lab and a lab X, both female and neutered, one aged 5 and one aged 1 ( a rescue pup from labrescue, so if you need a reference for us please check with Carolyne at Labrescue).

Normally we live in Latheron, but at the moment we are staying in Lybster while our extension is being built. At Latheron we have a big enclosed garden and regularly take the dogs back there so that they can enjoy a run off the lead,(the pup also tends to pull on the lead!).

In any case both addresses are just off the A99 so not too far to drop in en route to Raigmore.

If you would like to arrange for the dogs to meet up to see how they all get on I can be contacted on 01593 721304, (Ruth / Ray).

Look forward to hearing from you

19-Jul-07, 09:13
Hi Ruth,

Fran isn't here at the moment, but I'll let her know. She'll probably be in touch over the weekend.