View Full Version : New Cattery in Caithness

29-Mar-07, 10:14
Does any one know about a new cattery near Janetstown, Halkirk

29-Mar-07, 13:35
not sure exactly where but my daughter mentioned it the other day, she works in halkirk..I will ask when she gets home and let you know....

29-Mar-07, 16:48
Yes Countryman I have used Mossburn cattery a few times now - it is excellent well run and extremely clean. I would recommend it anytime.


25-Jul-08, 18:15
With it being holiday time I thought I would bring this thread back.
I would highly recommend this cattery I always use it and the owner is fantastic with the cats, she even takes my spoiled brat over to the house to pamper her. Fantastic service.

27-Jul-08, 14:15
Do you have any more details, costs, telephone number etc?

27-Jul-08, 14:43
Do you have any more details, costs, telephone number etc?

It's on the Glengolly to Calder road.

http://maps.yell.com/client/yell/?&nat_id=4650467&businessType=CATTERIES&qs=KW14+7XN&sl=false&storePC=KW14+7XN&ssm=0&companyName=Mossburn+Cattery&clarifyIndex=&clarifyOptions=&replayURL=%2Fucs%2FUcsSearchAction.do%3Fkeywords%3 DCatteries%26location%3DCaithness%26potential%3D3% 26scrambleSeed%3D676744800

27-Jul-08, 19:12
Her costs are very reasonable. I am sure I pay about 70 for 2 weeks but cant remember. Well worth the money either way as my cat loves it.