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23-Mar-07, 00:39
One of my sister's kittens went missing 2 nights ago and my nephews (ages 4 & 7) are anxious that their little cat comes home again.

The kitten is called "Rogue". He has been chipped by Thurso vets and should have a collar with his name engraved on a tag. He is a grey, stripey cat who is very curious. Please, please, if you live in the Calder Drive, Heathfield Road, Brownhill Road area of Thurso, could you check you shed/garage for an inquisitive little cat who might have been locked in by accident.

If you have any information, please PM me.


24-Mar-07, 14:27
I am so sorry that Rogue is missing.:( How old is he?

As he is curious it is more than possible that he is shut in somewhere. There isn't any building work or empty properties in the area is there?
It's just that cats (especially small ones) can squeeze through the smallest openings so he may be in an unoccupied building.

Really hope he comes home, safe and well, very soon.

25-Mar-07, 12:54
Thanks, Liz.

We are looking and have also put a lot of leaflets out in the area. There have been a few calls to say that a cat has been spotted but none of them have given a positive lead just yet.

05-Apr-07, 12:17
I Managed to get a photo of Rogue. You can see his white feet in this picture. He's also got a collar and bell with a tag on it.

07-Apr-07, 16:46
Hope you get him back. Where abouts in Thurso did he go missing from?

Just an idea - when he returns, get a new tag for him. I refused to put my cats name on his tag incase someone tried to take him as their own and use the name he answers to. Instead I have my sirname on it. Just a thought!

07-Apr-07, 17:44
He went missing from Calder Drive. A few people have phoned or pm'd to mention possible sightings but no kitten yet :~(

Had a possible sighting as far away as Mount Pleasant as a kitten appeared there 2-3 weeks ago, seems some people lift cats and dump them somewhere else in town. I had no idea that sort of thing happened! Turned out that wasn't our kitten though. Still looking.....