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18-Mar-07, 14:47
We have a baby chinchilla for sale but will not be ready for at least 10 weeks....It will be hand tame and friendly as we will be handling it every day....Both parents can be seen....It is a little grey male born onThursday 16th March.......Good quality large cage will be required and for thoses who have not had a chinchilla before i have to say that they are very lively at night....They are very clean and good natured, but they are very prone to chew...They like plenty of exercise, out of the cage in a chinchilla proofed room....They like to chew skirting boards, wires and pretty much anything they can getr their teeth into...Only genuine poeple only as they can live up to20yrs of age.....60 quid....

29-Mar-07, 19:56
I have a cage for sale if thats any help???

29-Mar-07, 21:57
I would love one, but are allergic to furries i'm afraid:(

But would just like to say how much I admire your posts, by letting people know the pitfalls and a bit of background information, very responsible of you:cool:

You see so many ad's for pets and often people just hand over the pet and take the money without making sure the person buying the pet is aware of what they are taking on.

Well done you, hope you find a loving home for it, have you any pics would love to see!

01-Apr-07, 14:18
not just yet...But i will get some for you in about a week or two when itis a wee bit easy to hold..flighty little boy that he is..Thanks for your comments.I feel it unfair when people just sell a pet and dont tell you what is involved....I must add that chinchillas cant get wet, and they need special sand to bathe in......

02-Apr-07, 13:30
sorry folks but the chinchilla is no longer for sale.We have decided to keep him...:eek: