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14-Mar-07, 09:30
Our grass is full of chick weed have dug over on several occassions, used special products and re seeded but seems to get worse each time anyone any suggestions.

31-Mar-07, 00:25
everytime you dig your bringing up dormant seeds to the surface which are then germinating.

31-Mar-07, 01:23
How large an area you are digging out the chick weed?

Dig down 6 inches and out around the chickweed area with at least a 6 inch border.

Use potting or gardening soil with peat, if necessary, to patch the dug out areas.

Replace with a hardy broad blade grass or ground cover.

the best in regrouping...

the charlatans
01-Apr-07, 20:22
and if all that fails, eat it!

pick the ends and fry in butter.