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13-Mar-07, 18:33
Does anyone have any tips on keeping my neighbours ivy from creeping through my fence?

14-Mar-07, 02:30
Is the ivy creeping thru at ground level or higher? If its a stone fence, you could try spraying with an herbicide or even chlorine bleach. If its wooden, dont try the bleach, your fence will fall to bits in a year or so.

15-Mar-07, 17:12
wooden fence. Higher level

15-Mar-07, 22:38
its a tough go, painter. The very nature of ivy is to creep LOL You can't spray it or you'll ruin your wood fence, and you canna block it at ground level cuz its coming in higher. Weeeeel, sometimes accidents with herbicides happen but bad karma is created. I suppose your neighbors love their ivy.