View Full Version : Dog needing a new home

12-Mar-07, 20:48
We have a ten year old White and Brown Collie Cross (don't know what he's crossed with?!?). He is a lovely natured dog when he is with me and my husband but unfortunately he is terrified of other people, especially children and isn't as friendly with them. He has never bitten or gone to bite anyone, but I wouldn't trust him, as it would be out of fear he attacked, not just for the sake of it.
Our problem is that we are moving away and we are very sad to say we can't take him with us, it is really upsetting us to think about what we should do with him. I know most people would think our only option is to put him to sleep, but it seems so cruel, I know that with the right care he could be as loving as he is with us, to some one new.

So if there is anyone out there who could possibly have a solution to our problem, please let me know.
We got him from Balmore Animal Rescue Centre, he had been treated really badly by his previous owner, which is why he has problems trusting people. We have had him for nine years.

16-Mar-07, 16:18
What a shame you cant take him with you, is there a rescue centre that could help you rehome him?

Best of luck, I understand how heartbreaking it must be:(