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12-Mar-07, 00:37
After speaking to someone who got a cat from the SSPCA in Caithness about their experiences with the SSPCA, I'd like to know if anyone else has any experiences with them (good or bad) that they'd like to share?

Nicky was pretty underweight when we got him in November. His previous owner had died and he was left in a the cattery in Inverness for months. When we got him to the vets (v soon after we got him) we were told that if we'd left it any longer, he'd have died of cat flu. His teeth were in bad condition, too. I don't mind the teeth thing so much. I was a bit disappointed that they'd left him with cat flu for so long, and according to our vets, he wasn't being fed properly by the SSPCA.

He's healthy now. I mean, there was no damage done. I'd definately go back to the SSPCA if I were to get another pet. I'd love to hear some happy SSPCA stories though!

12-Mar-07, 23:16
Hi amethyst, just wondering which vet stated that the cat was not being properly fed by the sspca.

12-Mar-07, 23:28
It was 'cause he was half the weight he should be. They did point out that him having cat flu wouldn't have helped. It was the vets down here in Ross-Shire. I also understand that the SSPCA is a charity and can't afford to give their animals gourmet food lol... I wasn't complaining, I was just wanting to hear some stories.

Dispite the fact that Nicky had cat flu and was underweight when we brought him home in Novemer... I wouldn't be without him now! :D

13-Mar-07, 02:41
Got a whippet from the SSPCA,she was in such bad condition it was a toss up as to wether she would be put down.They decided to give her a chance and she pulled through after a lot of work.I have been at there place up here many times and have seen some pretty poor animals turned round.So it will be praise from me then.