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11-Mar-07, 23:45
11 year old male,white with fawn patches and gold eyes.He hasn't been home since Thur 8th March from the Corner Cresent area.Could people please check their sheds and garages as he doesn't usually wander far from home
Please contact Donna with any news on 07917891090 or 01955 602246

18-Mar-07, 14:22
Hi,just bringing this thread back to the top as he is still missing
Any news would be appreciated

18-Mar-07, 23:36
I am so sorry that your cat hasn't come home yet.
Is he a timid cat?
The reason I ask is he may not come out of a shed etc for a stranger in which case you would be better to go around outbuildings in your area in the quiet of night to see if you can hear any meowing.

Also go to www.caithnesscatsprotection.org.uk and send details along with a pic if possible.
Have you called Caithness FM to ask them to broadcast an appeal?

Really hoping you find him soon as I know how worried you must be.

20-Mar-07, 14:31
Thanks Liz
Great news we found him last night he was under a shed a few streets away
home now and happy

20-Mar-07, 15:04
That is brilliant news!!!!!!:lol:

What a relief. I know how delighted you must be to have him home safe and well. He'll enjoy his bed today.

20-Mar-07, 19:55
really glad to hear you have got your cat back, great news