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30-Sep-02, 13:53
trying to trace my family tree - not sure where to start though.
any websites that i could i go on??

30-Sep-02, 21:47
Hi Giliwatt
If you have any caithness ancestors your best bet is to go to the Wick Archive place beside the library. The staff are very helpful and will point you in the right direction. Failing that you could try www.familysearch.com - www.rootsweb.com - www.cyndislist.com. You could also just try typing your family names into a search engine such as google, and see what that throws up.
I have caithness names such as Calder, Sutherland, Dunnet, Bain, Budge, & Mcleod, and I've managed to trace some of these lines back to 1780.

Good Luck & Happy Searching

01-Oct-02, 08:20
il have a look thanks..

04-Oct-02, 17:45

I've also Calder and Budge in my research. I'm wondering if any of these names might co-incide with your info...

John Wiliam Budge Sr. (1831-1892) m. Jane Calder (b. 1825) in December 1857.
children: Williamina, Catherine, John William Jr., Elizabeth and Donald

Parents of John Sr:
Donald Budge m. Elizabeth Harper in 1815
Children: John Sr, Mary S, David, Christian and Elizabeth

I've also got quite a bit more info on all the Budges in Wick from ScotOrigins dating back to the first one in, I believe the 1500's.

04-Oct-02, 21:32
Hi Gbudge
The furthest back i have gotten on my Budge line is a James Budge (born around 1756) who married a Margaret Calder (born 1753) & they had Jannet (1781) William (1784) James (1787) Alexander (1790) Elspet (1793) & Donald (1798). Alexander married Christian Mckay in 1812 and they had James (1812) Christian (1814) Margaret (1818) Alexander (1824) & Janet (1827). Margaret maried James Sutherland in 1846. I think my Budge's & Calders were all from around the Dunnet area.


p.s do you know when your Donald Budge was born

04-Oct-02, 22:15
Thanks for your response caraid :)

No, unfortunately I don't know anything about him other than what I've posted above. I do have his marriage record, but I can't read (understand) parts of it. (It's an Old Parish record). It did not say his birth date nor her's. He's my roadblock right now.

Based on his marriage date of November 18, 1815, I can only assume he was born in the 1790's and possibly in the mid-late 1780's.

Doesn't appear that your Donald is my Donald, but I'm sure our lines meet up somewhere along the line. :)