View Full Version : Feeding an Elderly dog.

10-Mar-07, 21:59
Our dog is such a scrounger and will eat anything.You'd think we starved her the way she behaves.
she's alwas been fed at night but lately in the morning she keeps going to her bowl looking for food.
Is it time to split her food into morning and evening?.does she just forget she's been fed.The vet said she's a little over weight so we know she's not under fed.
What do the rest of you dog owners do?:confused

10-Mar-07, 23:09
I would split her meals in to two, one in the morning and one in the early evening, that's what I've always done. You could try her on one of the low fat dry dog foods that are available mixed with a little warm water and maybe add some cooked veg like carrots (not potatoes as high carb) to fill her up a bit.

10-Mar-07, 23:17
Thank you.
When the lady next door starts her BB next month she'll get her cooked breakfast scrapes,she's probably missing her sausage and bacon:lol:

11-Mar-07, 00:45
I've always split Benjy's food (Naturediet) into four meals and he gets these in two Kongs as he would eat it in seconds if not!
He is also a scrounger so the cat food has to be kept well out of reach!:lol:

I think it helps their blood sugar to have smaller meals throughout the day.

Benjy will also eat some cooked and raw carrot as a treat.He also gets a couple of tripe sticks daily.

He has a tendency to put on weight but this regime along with exercise keeps his weight just right.

Benjy gets Naturediet Lite and this would be good for your doggy Cuddlepop as it has less calories and more fibre so good for the tum!