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09-Mar-07, 20:47
Unfortunately a cat has gone missing at Wick Vet's surgery after escaping from her cat carrier!:(

It is a young black and white female cat called Cheeky.Her photo can be seen at www.caithnesscatsprotection.org.uk

She is a timid cat so would have run for cover but, unfortunately, her 'owner' (she is caring for her until a home is found) doesn't know what direction she went in.

So if you see Cheeky can you please call Liz on Wick 602204.

Many thanks!

10-Mar-07, 14:24
Just bringing this back up to the top as Cheeky still hasn't been found.:(

10-Mar-07, 15:48
Hope cheeky comes home soon

10-Mar-07, 19:33
Thanks! I hope so too as she is so timid.
I have Liz's mobile no now and it is 07878784700. So if anyone sees Cheeky please give her a ring.

BTW I put this in the General Forum as I thought more people would look at but take it that everything 'animal related' must go in the Pets Corner?

04-Apr-07, 20:21
I patted a thin smooth haired cat looks alot like this one today.
Must b the neighbours tho????? Are there any destinctive markings that we can go by? I know most of the cats from around here, i normally put out the meat scraps for them. My daughter said she saw the new cat today aswell but couldna get near it.

04-Apr-07, 20:52
You're in Castletown aren't you? If so, don't think it would be Cheeky you saw as she would be too timid to go into a vehicle.

Can you find out whether the cat you saw belongs to anyone?
If it is a stray let me know and I will try to get it into foster care.

05-Apr-07, 20:33
i havena seen it since, been keepin my eye on it. One of the kids from around here just got herself a black cat beautiful to, an as i saw only but a glimps it wore what looked like a yellow color, i asked her where she got it from an she said her grandad got it for her. so now there are about 4 black cats around here[lol] the other cat might be this girls to, i will ask her next time i see her .

06-Apr-07, 13:07
I know it is a problem when there are a few black cats in the same area as they can all look the same!:lol: