View Full Version : help me get rid of ivy

07-Mar-07, 19:35
can anyone tell me the best way to get rid of ivy

07-Mar-07, 19:37
I thought it was bad luck to cut it down?:confused

07-Mar-07, 22:23
Connie, it's only bad luck if you let it take over yer garden LOL If you're superstitious, plant a small piece in a pot, and put it on large piece of flagstone outside, but dont let it touch the ground anywhere.

flip, you'll have to dig it up carefully and thoroughly, and every few weeks, check for new growth coming from even a 1 inch piece you missed. Good luck, you'll have your garden back soon. -H

17-Mar-07, 18:06
Difficult - I removed it from garden and building about ten years ago, cut it at base first, pulled it away from building bit by bit (I admit I am as thrawn as the ivy was) it took many wheeliebins, black bags and a long time up ladder to get it all down. I think it took most of the summer and the hole I dug to get roots out was rather deep, the ivy has not grown back and the wall still has marks where the ivy tendrils clung to it but better than damaging the roof by getting under the slates and drains. Good luck and much perserverance with the removal.