View Full Version : Shrubs and Roses

07-Mar-07, 11:13
Lidl are selling shrubs and roses, just now, and was disappointed to find that they are 'bare rooted'. On first looking I thought that they were in some compost, but the compost is just wrapped around the roots with netting or plastic and held together with an elastic band (or two). Have planted them anyway in pots in the greenhouse, to see what happens.

07-Mar-07, 11:59
I bought some last year and they all came up fine, bought some more on Saturday and they are all budding so will be fine and at a fraction of the cost of Homebase etc.

08-Mar-07, 01:50
Bareroot roses will be just fine as long as you plant them still in their dormant stage.

09-Mar-07, 04:59
Why were you disappointed by bare roots? If I were wanting more roses, I would actively seek out bare root shrubs.