View Full Version : Rabbit Show - Saturday 14th April, Staxigoe Hall.

07-Mar-07, 10:15
Caithness Rabbit Fanciers Association are holding their first rabbit show in Staxigoe Hall on the 14th April.

We are also having a guinea pig section at our show. Ther will also be pet rabbit sections at the show.

As it is a table show, all pets must arrive is a strong pet carrier and have their own water bottle.

Entry forms can be obtained by p.m. me, or Pets at Home have some. They can also be obtained from Meiklejohns Tearooms, in Francis Street, Wick.

02-Apr-07, 22:07
Please find entry forms here http://www.caithnessrabbitfanciers.co.uk/events.php
these can be emailed back to the address at the bottom of the form

09-Apr-07, 21:29
Entries being accepted now.

All animals must be entered by 9.30am on Saturday 14th April.

Judging starts at 10am prompt.

09-Apr-07, 21:30
Thanks everyone so far for their enteries and remember any rabbit can be shown.:D you can also just come along for a look or to ask for advice.

09-Apr-07, 21:32
Whos judging? You said before but I've forgotten. :D

09-Apr-07, 21:37
Dave Sim OF Edinburgh he is a 2* intermediate British Rabbit Council Judge. He is really looking forward to his first trip to Caithness and cannot wait to see what quality of rabbits we have here. So lets show him that Caithness will put the effort in.

Billy Boy
10-Apr-07, 18:26
hi I was wondering are your serveing tea and biscuit's at the interval :D

10-Apr-07, 18:52
we will be serving tea coffee juice bacon rolls cakes biscuits and carrot soup:D you dont have to show to come along. Guinea pigs are very welcome also:D

Billy Boy
10-Apr-07, 19:09
we will be serving tea coffee juice bacon rolls cakes biscuits and carrot soup you dont have to show to come along. Guinea pigs are very welcome also

carrot soup:eek: :eek: surely that must be for the rabbits lol

10-Apr-07, 19:10
no mum in law is making it and it is beautiful;)

10-Apr-07, 22:25
would love to show my rabbit she is a continental giant and only 8 months but she is moulting at present so is not looking her best which is a real shame!!! but maybe next time

10-Apr-07, 22:29
she wont be knocked for moult and we would love to see her, we have 2 young conti's coming up so it would be lovely to see the size difference also

Carol Robinson
12-Apr-07, 14:15

We are really looking forward to the show on Saturday, it will be great to meet you all, and chat about our animals.. We only have the one rabbit which is our youngest daughters. I will be showing a cavy. :)

12-Apr-07, 15:53
Hi Carol

I look forward to meeting you all too. Looking forward to having a great day!!

12-Apr-07, 23:12
What is the youngest that rabbits can be shown at?

13-Apr-07, 08:15
12 weeks old

13-Apr-07, 22:21
i was looking forward to coming and seing the rabbits and the classes but i am going to b eunable to attend. will there be anyone there taking photos or videos of the classes?

13-Apr-07, 22:43
Yes I will be taking my camera with me. Hopefully others will take theirs.

13-Apr-07, 23:08
I am taking mine too, just home from Wick and shattered and thats before the show:lol:

14-Apr-07, 22:41
Well what can I say :D what a fantastic turn out we had with 53 rabbits and 4 guinea pigs, I have just sat down and want to say thank you to everyone for their wonderful support and thank you Mr Fernie for coming along with your camera. I will post details of results tomorrow.:D