View Full Version : Request for info or contact with Inrig's around the world

22-Sep-02, 01:51
I just got this message from someone called Jane Inrig who is from Canada who wishes to contact Inrig's all over the world. I was wondering if someone wants to help her or get in contact with her?

Hi Mr. Mackay,

My name is Jane Inrig from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I got your email address of the Thurso football club website. I was searching for Inrig information off the internet and just last week I saw the Thurso information on the Inrig search site. I am very intered in write to Willie . I was wonder if you could give him my email address.
I am trying to find if the Inrigs have a family crest or a Coat of Arms.
It would greatly apprecated if you could pass this information on to him
Thank you Jane Inrig

my email is---- [email protected]