View Full Version : Biodegradable newspaper pots - origami style

27-Feb-07, 23:35
We made a load of origami newspaper pots tonite to get our broad beans going. This origami style is much nicer than making the rounded ones & hold together great. Check out this site for good instructions. Could be a good activity to keep the lil' uns quiet for an hour or two too!


Do not, I repeat, do not try this after a bottle of wine! I know it doesn't work! :~(

28-Feb-07, 22:36
I'm going to be going into child slave labour this weekend! Can't wait to try them.

29-Mar-07, 23:02
hey I like them .........seedlings here I come ..............:D

Mother Bear
07-Apr-07, 16:27
Those lil' boxes look great ..will have to give them a try. I spent the other evening cutting up used ice cream tubs for labels, complete with rounded top end and pointed at the other....I don't get out much!!!!