View Full Version : Dog Training near Thurso ?

26-Feb-07, 13:29
Hi there, just a quick one.

I'm thinking of taking my 9month old pup to obediance training, however I've heard the trainier from Gillock has stoped her classes. ( apparently she was excelent )

Does anyone know if there is a reputable trainer near Thurso ? and is praise/reward based training?

Many thanks

26-Feb-07, 23:34
I can recommend Caithness Canine Club who train in the Assembly Rooms in Wick, worth the drive through for the puppy class, they practice praise/reward training.
Theres also a agility class at the indoor riding school in Halkirk on Wednesday evenings.

27-Feb-07, 11:53
Thanks for that Gary, much apreciated !

And thanks for everyone that PM'd me also.