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16-Mar-01, 20:17
Catherine Sinclair born abt 1775 in Scotland, widow of William Gunn. Son Neil born abt. 1806 in Achins Parish of Reay. Looking for information on other five siblings. Thanks.

02-Jul-02, 00:52
Hi there I have a MARGARET SINCLAIR on my line not sure if she is a sibling or not.
She married a John Meiklejohn on the 12/ November 1761.
John was born in 1736 so I suspect she was born around the same time. Will have a look on my list and see if I can find when she was born.


02-Jul-02, 01:06
ok I have looked up my list I have no date of birth on Margaret Sinclair who married john Meiklejohn. Though I have a family James Sinclair who married Elizabeth Meiklejohn on the 5th of December 1783.
And they had 9 children who are as follows
Alexander Born 18th January 1787
Ann Born 24th March 1789
Ann Born 20/8/1790
Elizabeth Born 1803
Euphans 11th Feb 1801
James Born 21 of March 1798
Janet 23 April 1795
John 13 October 1792
and Margaret 17 December 1784

Also there is that Margaret Sinclair in previous Post
As well as a Living, Sinclair

i hope this is some help to you I know I tend to jump a bit.

28-Jul-02, 06:21
They are from my line the children of Elizabeth Meiklejohn and Sinclair, I am not 100 percent sure where they fit in but the names are on my tree and the same years so I am guessing cousins somewhere

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