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23-Feb-07, 12:52
I have been plagued by Bishops Weed for years under my shrubs and trees, i am getting bark delivered this weekend
1st Question... do i need to put black polyethlene down first, then bark on top of that, or can i put the bark straight on top of soil?
2nd Question... I have loads of snowdrops growing under the shubs, should i life them before i put the bark down, or just put bark around them, but will the weed grow up beside the snowdrops then and choke them?
3rd Question.....I have a ornamiental blue grass,Festuca glauca, 'Elijah Blue'
it has reverted back to green grass, what do i do or add to soil to get blue colouring back.
Thank you for any answers.

23-Feb-07, 13:11
Bishop weed will grow through almost anything. Have seen it shoot through bark. Snowdrops should be lifted 'in the green'.

23-Feb-07, 19:51
Like scunner says lift the snowdrops. I've been using bark in places and it's not too bad if you put plenty on and use polythene where you can but that weeds are impossible. I had mares tale in a garden I worked in and all we could do was keep pulling it out and some treatments if needed.

23-Feb-07, 20:12
Thank you both for your advice, i went to castletown today and got this black mesh to cover soil, and will put loads of bark on it. Also can use roundup on ones that escape. Fingers xxxxxxx

the charlatans
26-Feb-07, 22:20
Highlander, if its a windy spot be careful as the bark can blow away or into a pile at the corner of the garden and show up your bare black mesh. Anyone got any tips for this for Highlander? (we had this problem but took away the bark in the end)

27-Feb-07, 01:56
Bishop's weed, (Ground elder) can be removed although quite time consuming. It is also quite easy to remove in the sense that the roots are all runners and can easily be removed when digging. I have dug over many gardens covered with this weed.

27-Feb-07, 23:58
I have for years tried to dig or pull out this HORRIBLE weed, but the problem is that a lot of the runners are entwined with the roots of the shrubs and trees. Charltatans, yes i was worried i would go to all this work and money to find the bark sitting in a heap at the bottom of the garden, do you think if i put fine netting on top of bark, would that keep it all in place?