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15-Feb-07, 15:23
Cat missing from Heathfield Road/Ormlie Road area of Thurso. Small tabby with white paws, very friendly, answers to Chip or Chippy


appreciate any news! tel 07729325626

21-Feb-07, 00:00
Any news on chip??
Hope Chip comes home soon it's horrible when they go missing but most always come home x

22-Feb-07, 11:45
Thanks Territoots, but no news as yet :~(

He went missing a few years ago for about 5 days and came back very hungry and his claws were scratched away to nothing so hoping that he'll turn up again in much the same condition. Worst fear is that he's been hit by a car on Ormlie Road as he heads to the Mart a lot - went there searching for him but with the noise of the cars going up and down would have drowned out any crying from him :(

22-Feb-07, 12:53
could he have hitched a lift to another village. I saw a cat in castletown on the main street crossing over to the swing park area, I have never seen it before untill a few days ago.. Not sure if its someones pet tho.. looks similar ta this pic...Maybe another from castletown can confirm wither there is a pet that lives around that area and crosses road ??? any little will help, all the best

22-Feb-07, 13:17
my ex mum in law lives opposite the swingpark so I'll give her a call to see if she can spot him!

if you do see him again, can you just give a call of "Chip, Chip" and if its him he should come to you

Thanks Dancing, you have just lifted my spirits a bit! :D

Just phoned her and she is on the lookout too, fingers crossed!

22-Feb-07, 14:15
Hope you find Chips soon as I know how awful it is when a cat goes missing.

Hope it was him who Dancing1witch saw in Castletown. It's not unusual for cats to climb on board vehicles (particularly if they are inquisitive which most cats are!) and be taken miles from home.

Cats are wonderful animals and great survivors and, as Teritoots rightly says, most missing cats do make it home. Many after a long time away!

Keep us posted.

22-Feb-07, 14:22
thanks Liz, his brother is missing him as are the dogs and us! he was the character and he is certainly leaving a hole in the family

22-Feb-07, 14:31
Oh I am so sorry! I really feel for you just now as I know exactly how awful you are feeling having been there a few times myself!

If you go to www.caithnesscatsprotection.org.uk (sorry can't remember email address) you can send a photo to be displayed in the missing cats section.
It would be a good idea if you could make up posters and display them in different areas ie shops, vet surgeries.
If you need any help with this let me know.
Also contact Caithness FM and get them to broadcast a message.

Basically the more people who know he is missing is better.

I hope and pray for good news soon.

25-Feb-07, 11:29
any news yet

25-Feb-07, 11:35
not yet :( - was out in Castletown yesterday but no sign of the cat that danc1ingwitch saw. its nearly 2 weeks now so not hopeful that he will turn up now

jekyll n hyde
25-Feb-07, 11:42
hi im new on here so hi to all....i read your story and it touched me as i know how it feels to have a cat go missing, i had a 6yr old tortashell female cat i love her to bits..silly me i called her my princess....and all of a sudden she disappeared for 5 days then one day out of the blue she came back but she was very ill.....i rushed her to the vets to find she had a virus in her mouth which cause blisters and she hadnt eaten or drank in a week.....so needless to say they did their best and i lost her this was about 8mths ago and since then i got myself a kitten and he a bundle of joy although he wont ever take my misty place.....so frm the bottom of my heart i hope you find your cat safe and well.....huggs:D

26-Feb-07, 11:35
I would go mental if my cat, Nicky went missing. Only had him for 3 months now. Looks a lot like Chip, but somehow different lol, fights a lot and has scars and nicks on his ears.

I've a friend in the village whose cat went missing for a few weeks. After her return, my friend followed her at a distance. Turns out, she likes to sleep down a rabbit hole. I really hope it turns out to be something silly.

13-Mar-07, 14:07
I really don't believe this but my other cat has gone missing now - Chips brother, Dale!.

Dale has turned up, found snuggled up under duvet in spare bedroom, locked in for 2 nights and not a sound from him!!!

22-Mar-07, 08:24
to the person who called my mobile and left a message on my voicemail last night, no, Chip still hasn't turned up :~( (sorry can't call you back as don't have your number)

I do hope your cat comes home soon though

22-Mar-07, 23:30
Hope Chippy comes home soon. Has Chippy got a collar on with a bell?

25-Mar-07, 13:21
I've just noticed this thread and I'm really sorry to hear Chip is still missing. Hope you don't mind but I've added his details to the Caithness Cats Protection website (http://www.caithnesscatsprotection.org.uk/index.htm), in the hope that someone spots him.

Fingers crossed!

25-Mar-07, 21:44
hi Goldie, replied to your PM. Chip doesn't have a collar as his brother nearly lost his leg after getting it caught up in one years ago while we were on holiday - made a nasty mess so got rid of collars after that. If the cat you have hanging around has a collar then it won't be chip :~(

Thanks Luskentyre, its coming up for 5 weeks now, so not hopeful of finding him now, but no harm in trying :)

04-Apr-07, 12:13
i saw a woman stroking a cat that looks exactly like that up in sweyn road then the cat came over to me and was very friendly and first i assumed it was lost but then thought, not many people put collars on cats. Could that cat be it? looked like the same cat in photo.

04-Apr-07, 12:34
i saw a woman stroking a cat that looks exactly like that up in sweyn road then the cat came over to me and was very friendly and first i assumed it was lost but then thought, not many people put collars on cats. Could that cat be it? looked like the same cat in photo.

Hi Bloo,

was that today that you saw the cat? We're also looking for one that went missing, he had a collar and bell,