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14-Feb-07, 17:43
anyone elses garden resemble a plowed park at the moment? its been so wet, my 3 dogs are fairly messing mine up!

constant battle cleaning up after them once they have been out in it!

14-Feb-07, 19:22
my garden also resemble a plowed park at the moment not much that can be done sick of washing the dogs feet lol

14-Feb-07, 19:42
Yep mine to. I've put up a temporary fence down the middle, keeping the dogs on one side til its wrecked, then move them onto the other side to let that side recover, a bit like crop rotation.

14-Feb-07, 19:47
Yes ours is so mucky!!! Our side path is bad as well when it rains heavily! You could sail a boat on it!!!!

Of course Benjy always finds the muckiest part of the garden to go in and often walks in the borders!
Going a walk is a nightmare as well as everywhere is mucking!

Benjy is a Sheltie so there is a lot of hair to get dirty! I am tired of putting him in and out of the bath to be hosed down!!!!!