View Full Version : TV Addict.

10-Feb-07, 22:00
We're dog sitting this weekend and our guests a very friendly black scotti who just loves watching the tele.She's been clued to the screen watching Primevil,which by the way wasn't too bad.
Need to tell mummy to either watch it next week or tape it for her doggy.:lol:
Anyone else have an addict?:eek:

11-Feb-07, 03:23
Ahhh so sweet Jacqui!

My dog loves Phoenix Nights, I think its the music, as soon as the titles roll, she tilts her head to one side, very cute!!

11-Feb-07, 13:55
It's a wonder you could watch TV for watching her!:lol:

None of my dogs have been a tele addict but my last dog, Timmy, used to sing with the opening titles. He loved 'Take The High Road'!

12-Feb-07, 12:34
My dog loves to watch anything on animal planet. Can't get him away from the front of the telly. He also gets quite worked up at fight scenes in films :lol:

12-Feb-07, 14:55
Years ago our cat jumped on top of tv when a documentry was on the tv about bears trying to catch the salmon when they leapt, ginger only thought he would get in on the act, and kept swooping his paw down trying to catch one too!!! oh if only i got a pic of that lol

12-Feb-07, 20:04
one of my dogs licks the tv all the time. it's really funny he'll just go and start licking it...and both dogs like watching their reflections haha

13-Feb-07, 02:23
Our old Kirby always liked to watch dog training shows....pity he never minded the lessons [lol]