View Full Version : Dog training in Caithness - anyone interested?

10-Feb-07, 01:41
Having seen a few posts on here recently enquiring about basic dog training and/or problems with dogs, I thought I would post this link, which some of you may be interested in trying:-

www.ashmontk9training.co.uk (http://www.ashmontk9training.co.uk/)

I heard about Dave a few years ago - I was impressed then with his success in dealing with a dog with problems (or dog owners who were not in control) - whichever way you see it!

My own pooch is beyond redemption - he rules the roost here & knows it only too well. Luckily enough, the only thing he has bitten in his lifetime is food and the other good thing is that he insists on taking us for a long walk twice daily, whatever the weather. We're happy with this arrangement & won't be inflicting him on Dave. :D