View Full Version : George Weir Malcolm born 1890

Bill Fernie
27-Aug-02, 09:03
"My father, George Weir Malcolm, was born in Wick at 25 Brown Place in
1890 (as was his Dad before him at an earlier date) Dad moved to the
USA in 1907. Two spinster sisters (Maggie and Lily) remained in Wick
until they passed on in the 1950's. Two other brothers, James and
John, migrated to the States. I am interested in knowing if there are
any close relatives in either the Malcolm or Weir families that are
still located in Wick or Caithness" Jack Malcolm, [email protected]"

This message posted by Bill Fernie on behalf Jack Malcolm whose daughter and husband will be visiting Wick in September.
Pictures of Brown Place today can be seen at http://www.caithness.org/atoz/wick/brownplace/index.htm
If anyone has any information they would like to pass on such as copies of old pictures or documents then they can be left with Bill Fernie, 19 March Road, Wick Tel 01955 604648 to hand to the family when they come to Wick . This should be before 10 September 2002