View Full Version : Ginger femaLE CAT LOST

03-Feb-07, 13:21
Hi there, my small ginger and white, very fluffy cat has been missing since wednesday afternoon. lost in the vicinity of Ola drive west gills. If you live in the area and maybe evne saw her, it would be great to know. also, she is quite a timid cat and may be hiding in someones shed or garage,. If you live in the area and maybe haven't been in your shed since wed. I would appreciate so much if you checked. We once had a cat who climbed into a neighbors open dryer in their garage to sleep, she had finished using it, and then locked th garage and didn't go in for three days. Our cat was so scared and hungry when we found him. Any info would be appreciated, good or bad. Thanks :)

05-Feb-07, 16:45
Hello, my cat returned home Sunday night, five days later! it looks as though she may have been locked in somewhere, but ok now!!!!

05-Feb-07, 18:27
Thats good :D Bet your very relieved