View Full Version : Rottie saves the day

02-Feb-07, 12:29

Just thought it would make a nice change to publicise the good side of 'dangerous' breeds

02-Feb-07, 12:41
I reckon that there really isn't many naturally aggressive dogs. It's mostly bad owners, who through either ignorance or stupidity turn them savage. IMHO anyway.

Sorry forgot to say that it is a nice story

02-Feb-07, 15:33
What a lovely story Henry20. I've only ever met one rottie properly and he was a big baby!

02-Feb-07, 15:59
I've met a few - all owned by the same person - some pets and some guard dogs - they were all soft lumps.

02-Feb-07, 17:52
Thanks for sharing that Henry20, it is good to see a positive story about a Rottie right enough. The only one I know is a big "sook" who wouldn't harm a fly :)

04-Feb-07, 01:17
What a brilliant story to hear. I love Rottweilers and would love to get one but unfortunately most people you mention it to are against the idea because of all the bad press they get as a breed. Any breed of dog can turn violent and i totally agree that it's generally because of the owner that dogs have problems. :D