View Full Version : What are you thinking right now?

01-Feb-07, 08:25
I just saw this on another forum and thought it was a good one.

So what are you thinking right now?

I am thinking "Do I really have to cook dinner?":roll:

01-Feb-07, 08:58
Can I have the day off & go back to bed?

01-Feb-07, 15:30
Will i have a curry for my tea tonight. (yes i think i will)

01-Feb-07, 15:41
still have another box of stuff to put back in my cupboards and should move myself. plus what am i going to make my lot for the tea.

Billy Boy
01-Feb-07, 15:46
i've to get off ma bum and go and get little miss bb from school:D achh well thats the peace and quiet gone:mad:

peedie wifie
01-Feb-07, 21:25
Why did I eat that bar of chocolate[disgust] ........... Oh well the diet will have to start tomorrow!

02-Feb-07, 03:19
I am sick of bookwork and want to run away to Caithness!:lol:

02-Feb-07, 08:51
Must get off this org and take the dog for a walk!:lol:

05-Feb-07, 12:43
It's 10.36pm and I better get to bed. Goodnight.:D

05-Feb-07, 14:13
Time for lunch....what shall I have :eek:

Hmm...baked potato & cheese??? :D

05-Feb-07, 16:38
"Wish my daughter hadn't skooshed that off perfume!" http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/10/10_1_111.gif (http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb001_ZSYYYYYYAXGB)

Glenys Hirst
05-Feb-07, 20:54
Do I really have to do that pile of ironing!:(

the charlatans
05-Feb-07, 22:55
Will i use the purple crayon or the blue one?

05-Feb-07, 23:12
im thinking, hope this damn snow is gone in the morning.got a ways to drive first light

06-Feb-07, 10:33
I wish we could either find a decent driver for our trucks or blow them up. :eek:

Glenys Hirst
06-Feb-07, 14:19
Do I have to go to work in one hour..I've just made myself comfortable infront of my pc!

06-Feb-07, 14:27
Why did I let hubby make my lunch?? :roll:

He has a knack of squeezing the life out of a sandwich before wrapping it :(

06-Feb-07, 14:36
It's definitely getting even colder ....will I turn the heating up again...or will I put on an extra jumper and a scarf?:confused

06-Feb-07, 15:09
Do I really have to tidy the big walk in cupboard, been putting it off for ages but now cannot get in easily to get sewing machine out,no go to supermarket first then see how I feel about tackling it.

06-Feb-07, 16:43
Time to get of this pc and go do some work