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14-Mar-01, 01:53
My Grandparents, Duncan and Cecilia CLARK were married in Famington, Lanarkshire, in late 1880, but appear in the 1881 census in Reay, Caithness. Since Duncan CLARK was a gardener and "Domestic Servant", he had to be working for "someone of substance". The census does not proved a place of residence but he (and his new wife) were not listed being on some employer's estate.

I cannot identify any event that would cause these newlywed to flee north in late 1880. So I assume his employer in the Famington/Airdrie area traveled north to other landholdings and took some staff with him.

Does anyone have a guess of the family names of "landed gentry" with estates in the Reay area?

Any help or clue will be appreciated.

Jim Clark

05-Apr-01, 11:07
Sandside Estate in Reay was owned by a family called Taylor, also Borlum estate was leased by a family called Morris

09-Apr-01, 12:48
The Taylors lived fairly recently at Sandside - I remember their daughters at Reay Primary about 25 years ago (not that recently really!) Not sure if they were the first Taylors at Sandside though. I think there were Pilkingtons at Sandside sometime before them - but I'm not sure of the dates. Major William Innes of Sandside built the harbour around 1830, apparently.

Hope this helps!

15-Apr-01, 16:43
I have been looking at the Clarks in Reay in the 1881 census and think that the part of Reay they were in then would be part of the County of Sutherland now. One of there neighbours address was given as Bighouse House and it is definitely in Sutherland.