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27-Jan-07, 12:52
Does anyone know a type of dog that doesnt cast or moult? :)

27-Jan-07, 13:09
Lhasa apsos or poodles dont moult. I'm not sure if labradoodles do or not though and I dont think whippets do.

27-Jan-07, 19:03
I have had a greyhound and a whippet in the past when my children were small, neither cast their hairs lovely. My friend has a little poodle and they dont cast hairs either. Then I got a golden labrador, lovely dog, but oh god white hairs everywhere!!!!!!!

27-Jan-07, 19:59
i just recently got my huski back ( he glad to be home ) he casts but its like wool, it seems to be not to bad.

27-Jan-07, 20:43
labradoodles can moult esp 1st generation ones. I have a 2nd Gen doodle and he moults as bad as my labrador - the more poodle like they are the less they moult (cos they have more poodle genes).

27-Jan-07, 23:00
hi i have a standard poodle and he does not moult, dont know about labradoodles moulting but i have heard that there temperment is not as good as either lab or poodle, i would not pay for a mongrel dog anyway. I also have long hair dachshounds they dont moult but i would not recomend them if you have small children.

29-Jan-07, 01:51
Chinese hairless, don't have any hair, so none to lose, but the look really funny. Actually they do have hair, but only on thier heads and feet.

North Rhins
29-Jan-07, 21:42
Wifie and I have three Border Terriers. Lovely wee dogs. They donít moult a great deal, thereís a few come out but not many. The one drawback with them is the fact that they have to be Ďstripedí twice a year. This involves pulling out the dead hair by hand to allow the new growth to come through. They like kids but I donít think they could eat a whole one.

24-May-07, 18:46
Hi. I own a labradoodle. They cast depending on how curly their coat is.

25-May-07, 12:21
Yorkshire terriers don't moult and I don't think that the Russian Black Terriers do either but I'm not 100% sure about it.

25-May-07, 12:25
We have 2 Newfoiundlands, they moult like mad, but we got a Miele cat and dog vac and it pics the lot up, so we get the best of both worlds:D