View Full Version : Wanted trees and hedging

21-Jan-07, 21:56
Looking for trees and hedging plants to make a windbreak.

23-Jan-07, 00:53
Plants or cuttings is what i am after.Thanks for suggestions,some i had not thought about.

Humerous Vegetable
23-Jan-07, 11:12
Castletown Garden Centre have some bagged up bare-root hedging, hornbeam, beech, hawthorn and rosa rugosa....but it depends how much you want. I think they're rooted slips in bags of 10. They also have a few pot grown trees, but they're quite expensive.

24-Jan-07, 19:43
pultneytown garden centre does good trees, my friend wanted some for a wind break and i believe she has bought quite a few trees from there just two or three months ago.

24-Jan-07, 21:10
Check the internet. Ebay have around 200 hawthorn bushes for 50 quid or thereabouts as I was planning some for myself. Hope that helps

25-Jan-07, 15:55
Thanks,will take a look

27-Jan-07, 23:18
Have a peek at this site:


I bought some coastal packs and extras earlier this winter and was pleased with the service and the whips were all strong and healthy. I do like Roy's idea of growing from seed if you have the time though.