View Full Version : Dunnett, Mackenzie connections

23-Jul-02, 16:12
My dad is from Wick - David Dunnett - and is 70 years old this December so I'm trying to find out about his family as a surprise. He has always been interested in his mother's father (or could be grandfather) William Mackenzie who was a sailmaker on the China Tea Clippers sailing to New Zealand. We have two discharge papers showing that he made voyages on the Taranaki and The Hind. My father's mother was known as Leila Mackenzie (although I don't think this was her given christian name). Could anyone help me with her family - mother, siblings etc?

I have managed to trace my father's father and his relatives about two generations back - my grandfather David Dunnett was a saddler and had a shop called J Dunnet and Son in Bridge Street. He was also Harbour Master for a while and met the Queen during one of her visitis to Wick. His father was James Dunnett and was married to someone called Isabella I think. They had three other children apparent from my grandfather, Christina, Janet and Donald. I think James Dunnett's family came from Glasgow originally.

Can anyone help with any other information?