View Full Version : Cleaning glass

20-Jan-07, 17:24
Has anyone got a good way of removing dog snoz from glass, it's like glue, I've tried loads of things....glass cleaner, screwed up newspaper, soapy water, water and vinegar a dry clean cloth, but I'm stll left with smears........ help please!!

21-Jan-07, 14:36
have you trield white vinegar mixed with water, cleaning with a clean cloth then polishing it with newspaper (in that order)?

21-Jan-07, 17:44
Hi neepnipper Know exactly what you mean, superglue hasna got a look in !! If it's the car i usually use cheapo kitchen roll (thats quite rough) when the glass is steamed up 1st thing in the morning. If the heaters are on and it gets dry again I can forget it :eek: In the house we use Mer windscreen cleaner, we bought it online but some shops do stock it now.
Hope that helps

21-Jan-07, 19:33
Thanks I'll give both suggestions a go.

21-Jan-07, 20:19
Hi. try using glass wipes you can get them out of the 99p shop on the highstreet, they very good! :D