View Full Version : Looking for Chinchillas

20-Jan-07, 11:52
Does anyone know of chinchilla breeders in the area?

21-Jan-07, 00:32
there is someone in lairg who breeds chins or pet at home may have some

23-Jan-07, 19:39
Hi, I think there is someone in the town that actually does breed chins. I believe there is a person in Castletown looking for a home for two Chinchillas.

I'm assuming you've researched having a Chinchilla but just a reminder that they can live extremely long lives and can be quite destructive in that they must chew. My chinchilla lived until she was 16 and I had bites out of my couch, wires, skirting boards, even the plaster of the wall behind her cage when it accidentally got pushed too close!!!! However, they do give lots of love and are amazing animals to watch.

23-Jan-07, 21:19
I assume it is rodent chinchilla and not rabbit chinchilla that you are looking for.

24-Jan-07, 00:44
Hi crustyroll do you have any further info on the chins in castletown who are looking to be homed?

24-Jan-07, 16:34
Hi, if you pm me I will give you details of how to contact the person as he works with my husband.

24-Jan-07, 18:02
Have a breeding pair in wick...Not breeding at the moment as thay have 1 from last year still with them.Will be removing baby soon so they shopuld be mating soon....Had a lovely female going for free but she was snapped up...Can pm me and i can certainly let you know when they have more.......