View Full Version : Caithness Rabbit Fanciers Association New Website Now LIve!!!

19-Jan-07, 16:20
Just a note to tell all you rabbit owners in the county that our new website is now live and can be viewed at www.caithnessrabbitfanciers.co.uk (http://www.caithnessrabbitfanciers.co.uk) . I hope you all like the site and look forward to your comments about it.

So come on and take a look. :)

P.S. This is just the start, there is a lot more information to be included in the next few weeks and months.

As part of National Rabbit Week next week the BBC are going to feature our new Club and Website on their website on Monday. Isn't this great news.:D

19-Jan-07, 16:26
I would like to take this opportunity to give huge thanks to Mrs Caroline Sprenger for all her hard work putting together this great website for us free of charge. It is very deeply appreciated by the Club.

21-Jan-07, 16:52
Members will have exclusive access to our web forum as well, where help and advice is freely given.