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23-Jul-02, 01:35
Looking for the parents of Donald BUDGE who married Elizabeth HARPER on November 18, 1815 in Wick, Caithness. They had 5 children:

Mary Sutherland BUDGE - b Jan 6, 1817
David BUDGE - b. February 8, 1821
Christian BUDGE - b. December 8, 1825
Elizabeth BUDGE - b. October 10, 1828
John Budge - b. January 16, 1831

Also looking for the parents of Elizabeth HARPER.

Unfortunately, I do not have any other dates for Donald or Elizabeth.

If anyone can help me, it'd be greatly appreciated!!


07-Aug-02, 02:57

I've received a copy of thier marriage record from the General Register's Office and have been able to decipher some of it.

It states:

Donald Budge in Ackergill was matrimonially ????? (I think it's canted or granted) to Elisabeth Harper in (small?) quoys(?) Cautrs (?) John Budge in East ??? and David Harper in Small Quoys (??) and one more word I can't understand.

If anybody has ever ordered a OPR (Old Perish Record) and is able to understand it better than I, I'd be more than happy to send you a copy of the scanned image if you wouldn't mind having a look.

Is Ackergill a town or city in Caithness?



07-Aug-02, 13:23
I am interested in your post about the Marriage certificate of your Elisabeth Harper.
As per my recent message to the board looking for an Elizabeth Harper b 1842, it is just possible that the David Harper you mention is related to mine. Elizabeth Harper b 1842 had parents David Harper and Margaret Brock. They married in 1821. I believe David's father is also a David. One of these could be the same David who is named as a cautioner for the marriage. I also have Budge relation.

I am at work just now so do not have the info beside me but it is the same district for your Harpers as mine. I will have to check the info on the certifcates I have but I know it mentions Smallquoys. :D Can any reader explain Smallquoys. was it a farm?

Please feel free to email me (scanned copy if you could as well) [email protected]

Tricia Barnett (nee MORE) born Wick.

07-Aug-02, 13:27
I will also Check out the Budge names tonight