View Full Version : anyone help a lonely guinea pig???

14-Jan-07, 00:28
I lost one of my older female guinea pigs and now the younger one i have is lonely for some piggy company! Does anyone have a female guinea pig for sale prefer a younger one but age unimportant!!

14-Jan-07, 01:51
There are some lovely guinea pigs in the new pet store at the new retail park in wick.

14-Jan-07, 11:35
I would be careful about introducing another guineas pig, you would have to do it gradually, try putting a seperator in the cage so they can get to know each other, they may fight if they've not been bought up together.

We do have guineas at Pets at Home, if you come in we'll give you loads of advice and help you make a decision about whether introducing your one to a new buddie is the thing to do.

14-Jan-07, 12:02
My daughter got a rabbit as a pal for her guineapig. They got on great.

14-Jan-07, 14:26
thanks neepnipper i know there are cavies in the shop but i would rather not buy one from there. My piggy does have rabbit friends for company but i feel that she would love another little cavy to talk to if you know what i mean! so i will keep on looking

14-Jan-07, 14:41
Have you tried Balmore?